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The Scenicruiser moves to Williams


The PBM's Scenicruiser finally hit the road again on Saturday November 29th!

After lots of hard work by Tom Harris, the bus was finally deemed road worthy enough for the trip from it's storage location in Modesto up to Coach Maintenance up in Williams where some of the heavy mechanical restoration of the bus will take place.

At a work party back in October, preliminary plans for the move were discussed. At that time, "future PBM member", Len Bjerke was visiting with his Scenicruiser. Len graciously offered the use of his own personal Scenicruiser for this move. So at 7am on the 29th Ron Medaglia, Mike Sheridan, David Pardo, and Richard Silagi met up with Len in Concord where we boarded his Scenicuiser for the trip to Modesto.

IMG_3103B.jpg (55662 bytes)

It was a real treat to be able to ride on a Scenicruiser again!

IMG_3107B.jpg (56189 bytes)

About 2 hours later we arrived at Tom's Harris's yard at the Yosemite Community College District in Modesto where for some of us we were able to get my first look at the PBM's Scenicruiser. It sure looked small parked in-between the MC9's.

Here are some interior shots of our Scenicruiser.

IMG_3111B.jpg (70145 bytes)

IMG_3112B.jpg (59032 bytes)

IMG_3114B.jpg (65877 bytes)

IMG_3118B.jpg (51361 bytes)

Of course we had to take the opportunity to have the Scenicruisers pose for a few photos.

IMG_3122B.jpg (49981 bytes)

The "Scenicruiser Transport Team" (L-R Ron Medaglia, Tom Harris, Richard Silagi, Mike Sheridan, Len Bjerke)

IMG_3124B.jpg (44921 bytes)

Finally it was time to hit the road for the trip up to Williams. It must have been quite a site to see the 2 buses rolling up I-5 together. It was a real treat for us to see 2 Scenicruisers rolling down the road together for 3 hours.

IMG_3126B.jpg (52368 bytes)

The bus performed like a champ and we had only one real mechanical glitch along the way. When we got to the Highway 12 exit on I-5, Tom Harris wanted to pull off for a quick mechanical inspection of the bus just to make sure everything was doing OK. When we got to the bottom of the off ramp, the bus stalled and did not want to start again. She was dead.

Thankfully after about 10 or 15 minutes of fiddling with electrical system, she mysteriously started again. At this point we decided that the rest of the trip to Williams would be run as an "Express". After about 3 hours after leaving Modesto, we finally arrived in Williams. While up in Williams we checked on the PBM's buses and did some preliminary planning for getting the Key System "Baby Twin" moved downed to Fremont. Hopefully that move will take place in the near future. We did not arrive back in Concord until about 9pm. It had been a very long day, but one we will definitely remember for a long time to come.

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